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Live Healthy, Live Happy

Our guiding value is that physical health directly affects our spiritual and intellectual health—and vice vera. So what do we mean by living healthy? Well, for us it’s pretty simple: Eat real food and be physically active. Our aim as we develop our product line is to make foods that can help everybody

We believe that a healthy body also needs a happy mind and spirit. This is what we mean by Live Healthy, Live Happy. Living healthy by choosing the right foods and getting plenty of exercise will get you part of the way to living happy. But we believe that being truly happy with yourself and your place in the world requires more. It requires approaching every day asking yourself, “how can I make this world a better place?”

That is why one percent of your purchase is donated to aid environmental protection in china via the global One Percent for the Planet initiative.

Dali Bar also funds and organizes health and education programs for underprivileged youth in China.