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We founded Dali Bar in 2012 to make all-natural energy snacks for health-conscious people across China.

Our company is composed of a group of people who are passionate about our “Live Healthy, Live Happy” mission. This means that we are committed not only to living a healthy lifestyle ourselves, but also to improving the world around us.

Our Story

Founder Colin Flahive, owner of the popular eatery Salvador’s Coffee House in Kunming, had long been disappointed with the types of snacks available to power him during swimming, rock climbing, basketball or a long day at work. There were no snacks for sale at local stores that were tasty, convenient, nutritious and all-natural.
Colin shared his woes with the other Co-Founder, Kris Ariel, and they began making experimental batches of Dali Bars in the kitchen of their café in Kunming. Eventually they honed the recipe to perfection and Dali Bar was born. The Chinese characters in Dali Bar’s name mean “enhance power”. Colin and Kris chose the name as a pun on the city of Dali in Yunnan, where they had originally opened their café.
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