Providing Summer Camp for Two Deserving Sisters

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From our founder, Colin Flahive:

Last week, Dali Bar and Village Progress sponsored two sisters from an underprivileged family in Kunming to join a week-long outdoor camp in Lijiang run by UpKid out of Beijiing. First we geared them up with new jackets, hiking boots, backpacks and other essentials and then boarded a train to Lijiang. The sisters had never been so far from their family and the first day was difficult for them to adjust.

The other 22 children in the camp were from wealthy families, and for the first few days it was obvious how different the two world’s were. The sisters had never eaten western food before, never slept in such comfortable beds, never used a western toilet and never spent so much time outside of their little home on the outskirts of Kunming.

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Over the next seven days, they went kayaking in Lashi Hai, hiked Tiger Leaping Gorge, rock climbed in Shigu, played team building games, studied CPR and first aid skills and even learned how to bake a pizza. It was an experience for the two sisters that would not have been possible without the help of generous donations from people like you in China and abroad.
When we all returned to Kunming, we brought them back to their family home. They were a family of six living in the remnants of a knocked down building with no decent access to electricity or running water. The family cannot afford to provide the two young girls with many of the privileges that many of us take for granted. We plan to continue working with the family to make sure their children get the future that they deserve.

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Dali Bar and Village Progress continue to work with underprivileged students in Kunming and around Yunnan to provide them with new education opportunities. Thank you all for your continued support and remember that a portion of every Dali Bar you purchase funds Village Progress (

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