News Update: Meet the Dali Bar Baby

On June 28th, a longtime friend of Dali Bar named Coco gave birth to her second child, a healthy boy named Jack. We ran into her a few days ago and she told us a great story about the role Dali Bar played in her childbirth experience.



Coco went into labor at about 4am. She hadn’t eaten since the day before and there was no time to prepare food at home before leaving for the hospital. Luckily, she remembered she had some Dali Bars at her apartment. She grabbed a few on her way out the door.

After several hours at the hospital Coco’s energy levels were flagging and she was not feeling good. Then she remembered her Dali Bars and ate one. She quickly regained her energy levels. Within an hour she had given birth.

Congratulations to Coco from the Dali Bar team! May Jack be healthy and happy!

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